Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Hail Katie, Queen of the Television Geeks!

by Sara N.

The final episode (presumably) of No Ordinary Family aired tonight, and I think I just might miss it now that it’s gone. Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t a great show. Often, it wasn’t even a good show. But it did have flashes of potential – usually squandered – and it featured some excellent genre guest stars, including Tricia Helfer, Lucy Lawless, Amy Acker and Rebecca Mader.

No, the reason I'll miss it is the character of Katie Andrews, who was without a doubt the best lady geek on television in this or any season. Katie, played by Autumn Reeser, is a post-doctoral bio-medical researcher, and she loves comics, science and science fiction. It took a while for the character to grow on me. She was so gorgeous, chirpy and coiffed; how could such a creature be a huge sci fi nerd? Shame on me. Her casual comics and sci fi references accumulated with each episode, and her geek quotient continued to grow, as did my affection for her.

In honor of Katie, I've compiled a list of some of her best quotes from the show for your enjoyment. Read on!

Katie: Kitty Pryde, yeah, she’s my favorite X-Man. Or, X-Woman, technically.

Stephanie (played by Julie Benz): I'm gonna throw you an engagement party. It's what Batman would do for Robin.
Katie: Stephanie, you're the best. Though I'm pretty sure Robin is a confirmed bachelor, if you know what I mean.

Katie: If we had kids, do you think they would have superpowers? Because the terrible twos would be terribler with telekinesis.

Stephanie: Pretend I have Wonder Woman's rope around you, and you feel compelled to disclose everything.
Katie: Technically it's a lasso.

Katie (explaining her virginity): Back in high school, I decided I was going to wait for the one. Like Morpheus waited for Neo in The Matrix, but with sexual relations. I waited so long for him that at some point I never quite stopped waiting.

Katie: He makes me feel like the highest point in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Katie: His name is Will. And he's a dash of Edward mixed with a smidge of Wolverine. Which means absolutely nothing to you.
Stephanie: Of course I know who Wolverine is. Uh, he's the one with the mutton chops and the really long nails.
Katie: They're claws, actually.
Stephanie: And this is sexy?

Katie: You know, I try to be the Pepper Potts to her Tony Stark.

Katie (adescribing a suspect to a police sketch artist): Angular like the Joker. Oh, in the cartoon, not the movie. And intense, Hulk-like eyes.
Jim (played by Michael Chiklis): Okay.
Katie: What? Not green eyes … dark, intimidating eyes.
Jim: You said "Hulk-like.”
Katie: I meant in demeanor.
Jim: Hair?
Katie: Lots of it. Scruffy … unkempt … dark. Very Tony Stark in his "Demon in a Bottle" days.

Katie: This might be my only chance to tutor a burgeoning Lex Luthor or even, say, a young Reed Richards. Okay, work might not be the only reason I'm single.

Thanks to the TV Fanatic, TV.com and Clique Clack for compiling Katie's best quotes.
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  1. Hi Sara -

    ITA with your overview of the show. I got to like the kids, too. The troubled side of the daughter, and how the son found himself in math.


  2. And Stella, wouldn't you have loved to see more of the daughter's mind manipulations in different settings? Running for student body office, dealing with teachers and parents, interacting with peers. I think an arc leading up to big, big consequences for her would've been great.

    Ah, what could've been ...