Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Sci Fi Spruce-Ups for Your Launch Pad

by Sara N.

I don't know what it's like where you park your zero-gravity boots at night, but in my terraformed part of the world, it's been a long winter. (And it's still going on! As I type this, it's snowing. Hey, Mother Nature! It's March 5!)

Tired of the cold, I've been daydreaming recently about green grass, growing flowers, and fixing up my back yard. Below are a few accessories that you could use to dress up your own launch pad, sci fi-style.

I'd like to think the cats in my household would thank me for this rocket birdfeeder. Slap a coat of silver paint on that puppy and hang it outside in front of a window with a ledge large enough to accommodate lounging felines, and they'll have a great view of the bird wildlife making their take-offs and landings.

Here's the link!

Craving a touch of Victorian steampunk whimsy? This is an understated rain gauge that will let you track the precipitation in your yard. You have to be warned about the presence of any moisture that could cause all those brass cogs in your dirigible to rust, after all. This is one of the pricier gadgets on the list, but you can hock your spare goggles to come up with the scratch, no?

Here's the link!

As an admittedly zealous iPhone addict, I covet this door mat. The best news? This particular model has no dropped calls. Here's the link!

OK, let's say you're less into sci fi and more into swords and sorcery. (Admit it: You gave an unironic, unapologetic yelp of delight when you read that George R.R. Martin's fifth Song of Ice and Fire book finally has a release date, just like I did.) If so, I've got yard suggestions for you, too.

Let the neighbors wonder just who's been trampling through their flower beds when you install this homey elfin door and window kit in your old oak tree. Wood sprites not included. Here's the link!

Speaking of the neighbors, this wizard statue can serve as a warning to any potential busybodies and interlopers: You shall not pass!

Here's the link!

Finally, yard gnomes are a common and oft-maligned sight in gardens. Let your killer yardbots show them who's running things in your neighborhood. Here's the link!

And hey, spring temperatures? Get here faster.
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  1. Hi Sara!

    I'm with you, I can't wait for Spring to arrive. The local weather report lists unending days of dreary rain around here.

    I'd love to know where you found the items shown above.


  2. Hi, Stella! I included links in each of the descriptions, but I'm starting to realize that the link color and the text color are too close to easily differentiate. I'll go ahead and add them at the bottom, too!

  3. Sorry about that! I've tweaked the color so the links don't blend in with the text like they had previously. Thanks for alerting us to it.