Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sarah and David, Sitting In A Tree

By Meghan B

K-I-L-L-I-N-G. Zombies, that is.

Sarah and David are the stars of Married With Zombies and Flip This Zombie, Jesse Petersen's hilarious and heartwarming series of novels about marriage and zombies. On the brink of divorce, the advent of the zombie apocalypse actually brings them together and saves their relationship.

The novels are a glimpse into what could really happen when the zombie apocalypse goes down. There may be zombies trying to eat you, but you will still find yourself arguing with your significant other over the usual petty things.

Married With Zombies, the first book in the Living With The Dead series, introduces us to the dynamic duo. Sarah and David are on the rocks and going to couples therapy to salvage the remains of their marriage when the zombies start to appear. They are jolted out of their mundane lives when their therapist tries to eat their brains.

The first novel takes place in Seattle. The zombie plague soon takes over the Pacific Northwest and sends Sarah and David on a journey to find safety. Though frightened, they react to the zombies with snark and quickly learned battle skills. While bashing in the skulls of the undead, they begin to rekindle their relationship in a way that's both believable and heartwarming.

Neither Sarah or David are ready for the zombies, but they adapt quickly. They rely on each other for support and extra bullets as they try to survive. They both have sharp tongues and quick wits, which keeps the book going along at a smart pace. The zombies are horrific enough to give the reader pause and make you sincerely worry about their ability to make it out okay.

The book pulls no punches either. People die, some in gruesome ways, and the zombies are dealt with in a fashion that would make even George A. Romero proud.

While the zombies are a major focus of the series, what is really important is the relationship between Sarah and David. They work as a fantastic team and you can see them come back from the brink of divorce and find common ground. That ground may be covered in limbs and zombie goo, but at least it's common!

I won't give away how Married With Zombies ends but I will say that it leaves you desperate for more! Thankfully, the sequel was released in February. Flip This Zombie goes on to add mad scientists and crazy human refugees to the mix. It is nothing short of awesome and I read through it in one day. It's delightful to see Sarah and David interact and grow.

I can not wait for the third novel to come out in June and I highly recommend you pick the first two up. If you're looking for a fun zombie series with a lot of... bite, well, this is the series for you! Read the first chapter of Married With Zombies on Jesse Petersen's website and pick up the books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever fine zombie literature is sold.
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  1. Those are definitely going on the to-read list.

  2. I need more reading time. My TBR list just grows and grows.