Saturday, March 26, 2011

Remebering Diana Wynne Jones

By Meghan B

Award winning fantasy author Diana Wynne Jones passed away last night from complications from lung cancer. She was 79.

As an avid young reader of fantasy novels, Jones wrote some of the most wonderful stories my young eyes ever beheld. The characters were so human, so funny and so charming. The worlds she created were complex and beautiful. Even though she wrote for children she never once talked down to or underestimated her audience. She was a remarkable woman and an incredible writer. The world of fantasy is a little less magical now that she is gone.

Many know her from Hayao Miyazaki's film version of one of her best novels, Howl's Moving Castle. The film, just like the novel, was quirky and wonderful. Her other novels are just as outstanding.

She will be greatly missed. Thankfully, her fabulous stories will live on to be devoured by new generations of imaginative children.
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