Thursday, March 17, 2011

News Roundup

Geek God Nathan Fillion Goes Mainstream
Le sigh.

'Monty Python' Writer to Adapt Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens 

"Start-up division Prime Focus Productions aims to sit alongside its existing U.K. post-production services and give broadcasters and directors “concept-to-delivery expertise” for TV drama productions."

So much more after the jump.  (This is what I get for skipping News Roundup yesterday.)

For Shame: Wired Goes Glam and Photoshops a Lady Scientist Beyond Recognition

"The ladies at the website Jezebel frequently make it their business to point out absurd Photoshop incidents in fashion magazines, and rightfully so. As former Jezebel editor Anna Holmes put it, 'Magazine-retouching may not be a lie on par with, you know, 'Iraq has weapons of mass destruction,' but in a world where girls as young as eight are going on the South Beach Diet, teenagers are getting breast implants as graduation gifts ... it's fucking wrong.'

"And it is fucking wrong. However, it makes at least a little bit of sense when the women being Photoshopped are musicians and actresses, professions that, like it or not, often require their members to possess otherworldly features. Where Photoshopping makes no sense at all, not even a little, is in the world of science."

Jennifer Lawrence Cast as Katniss in 'The Hunger Games' 

"Academy-award nominee Jennifer Lawrence has been cast as Katniss Everdeen, the lead role in the screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling dystopia trilogy 'The Hunger Games' according to The Wrap."

Japan Has Shifted 13 Feet! Does That Mean GPS Doesn't Work Anymore? 

"Soon, representatives of GPS manufacturers will walk and drive through the affected areas, armed with GPS locators, to change the official coordinates of streets and addresses. The process will probably take a few months."

 Doctor Who Cubees

Alone at work and have access to the color printer?  Populate your desk with Doctor Who Cubees.  I won't tell anyone you spent the afternoon in a staring contest with a paper dolly because you were afraid to blink.
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  1. That WIRED lady scientist linked to in the above post responded to the piece and pointed out that the image wasn't really 'shopped at all. That's really what she looks like.

  2. Luna-

    Ooooh! Thanks for letting us know. Do you have a link to her response?


  3. The same article adds an update at the end but doesn't apologize for putting its foot in its mouth. That picture was meant to be stylized and everyone knows the work of the artist that did it. Limor Fried's response is below:

    "You found a 3+ year old photo of me in Japan, after a 20 hour flight and short hair.

    The cover is stylized but that is really what I looked like. I was not 'plasticized' or 'heavily photoshopped'. if I take off my glasses, have my hair done, and wear make-up its what I look like. Jill uses lighting and makeup to create a glossy look, we saw the shots right off the camera and the only things that changed are the background color and the tool. Its her style and it looks cool!

    Its a bit different than my every day look, especially when shot with a proper camera and lighting, but it -is- me. I do get dressed up from time to time, being a magazine cover is one of those times! :)

    My lip ring wasn't in for most of this year so far, WIRED didn't remove it or airbrush it. I wasn't wearing it, just like I wasn't wearing my glasses.

    If I'm happy with this and I say it's looks like me isn't that GOOD :)"

  4. "Geek God"

    Can we get him his own God series a la Hercules. And no its not just so I can see him in tight pants...
    *mentally images all Firefly cast dressed as Greek/Roman Gods*

  5. Dragon-

    Pants? No. I'm thinking teeny tiny togas... and a laurel wreath as an accessory.

  6. Moxie- I think only the ladies ran around in teeny tiny togas on Hercules. But I am sure we could find a way to get him into one.