Saturday, March 12, 2011

News Roundup

"Inception App" Allows You to Control Your Dreams: Yes, Really.

"We're not sure about the science behind the film "Inception" - I mean - is your brain really full of white suited terrorists on snow-mobiles? And Leo may get inside my dreams sometimes, but it's certainly not because he's lying in a van somewhere with wires attached to his head trying to - I didn't buy it.
"But an app is promising you the same tantalising possibility of controlling your dreams with *slightly* more scientific basis. But without the celebrity actors and all the fighting. In their place Dream Controller the iPhone app uses carefully-timed noises to influence your unconscious brain."

More goodies including a busted myth vid after the jump.

A Space Wardrobe 

"Photographs and X-ray images of spacesuits in all their complexity, some worn by famous astronauts and others that never made it into space."

The Reinvention of Silk  

"As some silk researchers see it, if spiders were gregarious vegetarians, the world might be a different place."

Myth Busted: You Can Fold a Piece of Paper in Half More Than Eight Times
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