Wednesday, March 9, 2011

News Roundup

Talk about Ark of the Covenant, this is a geeky alternative to a ring pillow for a wedding ceremony.
Little Known Sci-Fi Facts: 3 Ways George Lucas' Wife Saved Star Wars

"Marcia Lucas was by her husband's side from his days as a fledgling USC filmmaker through the completion of Return of the Jedi. She, not George, is the only Lucas to win an Oscar for 1977's Star Wars. And thanks to a painful divorce, she's all but absent from the history books. But her impact on Star Wars can still be felt."

Geeks We Love: Maia Kayser, Lead Animator at Industrial Lights and Magic

"Maia was first interested in studying medicine, but after seeing Jurassic Park, she was turned on to a career in animation: "I was really fascinated with the idea of making something look so real, basically giving it life on the screen." So she headed to school in Germany to study computer arts; 10 years and 14 films later, Maia got the chance to head up the animation team for the character Beans, and says that Rango has been the most fulfilling experience of her career thanks to the solid relationships that have developed between team members. Find out what she has to say about becoming an animator, 'cartoons' for adults, and whether or not ILM will be working on more animated films in the future after the break."

Q and James Bond star in a International Women's Day PSA. 

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