Thursday, March 31, 2011

News Roundup: Steampunk Edition

Peter Balch shows you how to make your own working mad scientist steampunk mouse!

Steampunk Show in MA Imagines Jules Verne Gadgets

"French author Jules Verne pioneered science fiction in the Victorian age with mind-bending ideas and inventions, but what if he were around in the age of cell phones and PCs? 

"An ongoing exhibition running through the end of May imagines the world of "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" with steampunk tech."

Not Your Average High School Production: AHC Spotlight Theater Performing Steampunk Production of "Much Ado About Nothing"

"Pacifica's very own AHC Spotlight Theatre will be performing the Steampunk version of one of William Shakespeare's most popular plays, 'Much Ado About Nothing,' April 7-8. Spotlight Theatre is a joint venture between Alma Heights and Highlands Christian Schools. This is the program's fifth year producing high quality youth theatre. Directed by Christine Churchill, an alumnus of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Spotlight Theatre strives to provide students and audience members with 'a top-quality theatrical experience at an affordable price.'"
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