Monday, March 7, 2011

News Roundup: The Not-Exactly-News-in-the-Traditional-Sense Edition

Why, yes. I do dream of electric sheep. Why do you ask?
Fringe offers lesson plans based on the science behind plots

Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom

I may be decades older than the intended recipient of the coolest kids' bedroom ever, but I neeeeeed it.

16 Weird, What-Were-They-Thinking Sci-Fi Movie and TV Tie-ins

"Ever since Lucille Ball paused during her show to ramble about toothpaste, product promotions often have had little to do with the show or movie on which they were featured. Here are 16 examples of sci-fi promotional food items that leave us utterly baffled as to what the marketing departments were thinking."
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  1. What? None of you ladies wants to suck on Daniel Craig's muscular, rasberry flavored chest?