Sunday, March 20, 2011

Masked Again: Women and Anonymous

By Meghan B

I wrote before about women in Anonymous after the HBGary hacking and it's time to revisit the topic for a quick update.

We know much more of what happened when Anonymous hacked HBGary and Aaron Barr, mainly in thanks to the excellent reporting at Ars Technica. What comes out of the many articles they have posted is a tale worthy of Hollywood. Greed, corporate intrigue, political doublespeak and a rag tag band of lulzmongers who bring them down.

Since the initial attack, HBGary has been in a tailspin and are being investigated by the federal government. Aaron Barr has resigned in disgrace. The story isn't over, either. The further down the rabbit hole we go, the more we discover, the more we disprove.

Recently, there was an article posted at Fortune entitled Is This The Girl Who Hacked HBGary? that claimed the interview the self-proclaimed sixteen year old girl who participated in the main attack on the company. So, IS this the girl? Maybe, but it's hard to say. Anonymous is it's own microcosm of catch phrases, mantras and memes, making it difficult to take anything they say at face value. Already it's been pointed out that this may be another Anonymous trick, since being a "sixteen year old girl" is a bit of a meme on their lawless /b/ board on 4chan. 

Here's what we do know, though. Are their women in Anonymous? Of course. Are they willing to do an indepth interview with Fortune? That is not a certainty.

As even more and more comes out about Anonymous' work against HBGary and their other targets, the plot will only thicken. I look forward to reading about the continued adventures of the best vigilante group on the interwebs.

For further reading, see Ars Technica's website for more incredible continued coverage.
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