Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Graceful Geek Jewelry

By Meghan B

If you're a geek girl like me, every so often you glance at the jewelry counter in your local mall and sigh over the uninspiring choices. More padlock necklaces? Oh dear heavens, another heart with a tiny cubic zirconium? Where are the geeky necklaces?

Fret no longer, friends. This spring, Urban Outfitters and it's sister store, Anthropologie, have helpfully provided us with jewelry dripping with miniatures cameras, navigation wheels, fossils and real leather books!

Prepare to grab your wallet after the jump!

Urban Outfitters, known for being purveyor of expensive hipster duds, has surprised me with the interesting jewelry they've put out for the Spring. While the clothing racks are still a pass, the jewelry table is now one of my favorite places to find quirky, geeky trinkets.

Maritime Navigation Pendant Necklace - $29
Natural Fossil Pendant Necklace - $39
Sands of Time Pendant Necklace - $29
Camera Clock Pendant Necklace - $29
Finery from Anthropologie. After the Clockbot necklace, I have been looking much more closely at their jewelry stands. Too bad their prices make me weep.

Real leather and pages! Library Stack Necklace - $168
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