Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gimme an S! Gimme a C! Gimme a I-E-N-C-E!

by Megan S.

The ladies of Science Cheerleaders

Professional cheerleaders coming out to support science and scientists would be great.  But, you know what's even better? 

(Check out the vid of Science Cheerleaders performing after the jump.) 

Cavalier and family after receiving her Master's
... A team of NBA and NFL cheerleaders that just happen to be scientists.  The group, Science Cheerleaders, was founded by Darlene Cavalier, one time professional cheerleader and senior adviser at Discover Magazine, as part of her efforts to encourage the public to become involved in science and science policy.  The team grew out of Cavalier's online efforts, a series of websites including a blog with the same purpose and focus.

The women of Science Cheerleaders are doctors, chemists, researchers, teachers and even NASA engineers. One woman, Washington Redskin's cheerleader Regina, practically qualifies as a superhero.  She received her BS in molecular biology, worked at the National Institutes of Health, got her JD at Georgetown, worked as a patent attorney, went back to school for her MD at George Washington University, did her internship in surgery, and is now an emergency room doctor in Texas.

The cheerleaders make appearances all around the country raising public awareness of women in science.  Last Wednesday, March 16, the group performed at NASA's headquarters in Washington, DC as part of the White House's Women's History Month celebrations. 

Find out more about the cheerleaders and Darlene Cavalier in a series of interviews on the Science Cheerleader.
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