Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fashion, Accessories and Art from Nova Albion!

by Megan S.

Even more photos from 2011's Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition in Santa Clara, California!

Typewriter Key Bracelets.
Pocket Watches
Poison Lockets

Because Everyone Needs a Good Pair of Goggles or Two
Wood Burned Journals

Bone Pins
Awesome Old Light Bulbs

Awesome Old Gun

Steampunk Cards
Antique Underwood Typewriters
Opera Glasses

Compass Pin

Steampunk Shogun Darth Vader



Aetheric Shield Generator
Aethereal Wave Photonic Pump
Steampowered Velocipede
Giant Clockwork Insect
Various Spooky Paraphernalia
Clockwork Beetles 
Steampunk Flashdrive
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  1. Some of these things are neat. Cool hammer in the background of one of the pics. I like the first mask in the set of masks. Any assassin worth her/his salt should know not to put poison in a giant locket that says "poison" on it. The poison lockets aren't the worst thing though...
    That bicycle, nee velocipede, is the worst thing ever. It is really awful. Whoever brought that should have been kicked out of the con.

    The person did not even get rid of the old red paint job. It just looks sun-faded and dusty now. The original Huffy (or whatever) sticker is still on the front! That windscreen is entirely useless, unless of course you are some kind of Cirque du Soliel contortionist and can hunch over to get behind it. What I assume to be the boiler is ridiculous. You would get nothing but burns on your ass since it appears to be touching the seat. Given that it isn't attached to some kind of heater unit the rider would be in the clear I suppose it's just a boiler with no heater unit. That fan is entirely too small to accomplish any kind of locomotive benefits, unless spinning at RPMs well above anything that steam can provide. That pressure pump under the seat doesn't appear to be attached to anything either. It is completely superfluous. And the chrome splashguards! Chrome! In steampunk! All wrong!

    It looks like a hobo glued things to an old bike that was found.

    Monkey brains might be fun if I could take them out and use the cavity for a cereal bowl. Or a planter.

  2. Have I mentioned lately that I love/hate you. ooooh GOOGLES!!! Ooooh Weapons!! Oooooh Pocket watches!!!!

  3. Dragon-

    How are you going to feel about me when I put up photos from this coming week's Wondercon? :P

  4. I am going to start crying now.