Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fairies, Curses, and Delicious Leprechaun Traps

by Megan S.

Fairies Amongst the Trees

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  While everyone in my house is too sick to fix corned beef and cabbage for dinner (fun fact: corned beef and cabbage is a traditional New England dish from here in the States, not Ireland), it doesn't mean we can't celebrate here on Stellar Four.

Much like a Leprechaun would do, I've cobbled* together all sorts of appropriately themed goodies including cake and a free book after the jump.

*Wow, my jokes get so much worse when I'm sick.

Not Martha has created the cutest Leprechaun Trap Cake and details how to make it.

Everybody's familiar with Irish blessings but how about a few good Irish curses?  My favorite are:

Dysentery on you.
May you be afflicted with the itch and have no nails to scratch with.
To Hallifax with him.

Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry, a digital collection of Irish fairy tales edited by WB Yeats, is available to download for free at Forgotten Books or you can read it online via Google.

Don't feel like reading a whole book but want to know a little more about the Irish fair folk?  Click on these to learn about each.

The Dullahan
The Pooka
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  1. Oh man, I looked at the step-by-step for that leprechaun cake and it is hardcore. I only feel up to making the frosting - maybe.

  2. argh that curse about the itch has me in a coughing fit again. I think my lungs and throat are finally healing and they itch like hell. So I coughed before because I was sick and now I cough because my lungs itch. Must not scratch lungs. Must not scratch lungs. Do not want to end up on some "Weird Deaths" special.

  3. I'm imagining a horrible scenario with one of those back-scratchers with the little clawed hand. *shiver*

  4. Dragon! It's about time you showed up! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well.

    Laurie - I could totally see that as an episode from that old Friday the 13th the Series show when we were kids. Did you ever see that? This old antique shop was a front for a trio that hunted for cursed objects.

  5. Laurie- I was thinking one of those long handled scrub brushes for cleaning out bottles.