Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Essential Twitter Follow List for the Discerning Geek Girl

by Megan S., Nails, and Meghan B.

We put our noggins together and came up with a handy list of interesting, geek-inclined people (both real and fictional) on Twitter for your following pleasure.  Without further ado and in no particular order, here's what we came up with:

BookWorld - The Washington Post's Book Section.
LucasFilmMouse - A little mouse that lives in LucasFilm's Presidio campus.
StaciaKane - Our very own Urban Fantasy writer Stacia Kane.
io9 -The science, science fiction and fantasy related Gawker site and the reason Stellar Four exists.
AnnaleeN - Annalee Newitz, the Editor-in-Chief of io9.
Neatorama - The site's official Twitter account and spreader of interesting facts.
NewScientist - The official Twitter account for the UK based magazine.
MishaCollins - An amusing and nerdy guy who just so happens to play Castiel on Supernatural.
ThinkGeek - Fine purveyor of all things geeky.
SyFy - One of the network's VP, Craig Engler. He's full of facts and swag to give away.
CakeWrecks - Jen Yates, the founder of CakeWrecks and Epbot.
NeilHimself - Fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman.
FeliciaDay - Lady geek extraordinaire.
NathanFillion - Guy geek extraordinaire and one of my (Megan's) nerdy loves.
BonnieGrrl - A crafty geek of the highest order.  She makes her home at LucasFilm.
StarWars - The official Twitter account for one of our very favorite franchises.
PattonOswalt - Comedian, geek, and once character actor on two doomed scifi franchises, Dollhouse and Caprica
MoTancharoen - Speaking of Dollhouse, the beauty and 1/4 of the brains behind Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog as well as a writer for Dollhouse and Spartacus, Maurissa Tancharoen.
Mental_Floss - The official Twitter for the magazine catering to geeks across the world.
Cleolinda - Author and blogger, Cleolinda Jones.  She's well known for her parodies.
BadAstronomer - Astronomer, author and lover of puns, Phil Plait
KevinRose - Digg founder and Nails' one time coworker.
GailSimone - Comic book author.
God_Damn_Batman - The official Twitter account for a very unofficial Batman.
JewelStaite - Best known to me as the lead in 1996's Flash Forward but you may know her as Kaylee from Firefly and Stargate's Dr. Jennifer Keller.
GrantImahara - Creator of Craig Ferguson's robot co-host, Jeff, and part of the MythBuster team.
JaneEspenson - Writer, producer and hoster of writing sprints.
KevinKelly - G4 writer.
SYSKPodcast - The official Twitter account for the Stuff You Should Know podcast.
hodgman - John Hodgman, inventor of fake facts and the embodiment of a PC.
PeterSagal - Host of NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.
WickedThought - The official Twitter account for roleplaying game creator John Wick.
DrunkHulk - Astute observations from an inebriated superhero.
NeilTyson - The official Twitter account for astronomer Neil Degrasse Tyson
SimonPegg - Written by some guy with the last name of Beckingham
GeeksOn - GeeksOn podcast
DisneyPixar - I bet you'll be able to guess what this one's about.
DontTryThis - Adam Savage of MythBusters fame.
DarthVader - Kind of jerk and has some sort of breathing problem.
WaitWait - NPR's official Twitter account for Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.
Trent_Reznor - To quote Nails on her reason of including this on the list, "Duh, Megan."  ;)
TeeFury - A fine source of nerdy tees.
FeministHulk - A radioactive superhero fighting for the rights of women.
WilW - Wesley Crusher's official Twitter account.
GailCarriger - Lover of tea and writer of steampunk.
LadyGaga - The Mother Monster herself.
MaureenJohnson - YA author that keeps her followers in little jars. Don't worry though, she's very considerate and brings the jars with her on her world travels.
ActuallyNPH - Neil Patrick Harris, lover of prestidigitation.
Beatonna - Kate Beaton, the brains behind Hark! A Vagarent.
HankGreen and RealJohnGreen: A geeky musician and geeky YA author.  Together they form youtube channel, "Brotherhood 2.0."
Threadless - Another purveyor of geeky tees.

Pfew.  That's a loooong list but there may be a few we forgot.  What are your geeky must follows for Twitter?
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  1. One of my very favorites is @dhewlett - David Hewlett who played Rodney McKay on Stargate: Atlantis. He recommends great music and always has something pithy to say.

    Another good one is @NicolePeeler. She's a saucy urban fantasy author.

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  3. @alliebrosh

    There ya go Megan.

  4. This is a great list! Thanks, I will definitely check these out.

  5. Thanks, Vicky! We're glad you liked 'em.

  6. Great list! How did I not know Misha Collins was amusing and nerdy in addition to being deliciously unkempt?

    Might I also humbly suggest:
    Jonathan Eisen, evolutionary bio prof @ UC Davis who tweets a lot about bioinformatics, science in general, and other nerdy stuff.

    Livia Blackburne, neuro grad student and YA writer who blogs at "A Brain Scientist's Take on Creative Writing."

    I also second Laurie K's @NicolePeeler rec! She's brilliant.

    Off to go follow some folks...

  7. Thanks for the great suggestions, AJ!