Sunday, March 6, 2011

Edward Gorey and... Old Navy?

by Megan S.

I've loved Edward Gorey's work for as long as I can remember.  His artwork is dark and campy, prominently featuring a mixture Victorian and Edwardian styled clothing.  It was also the only bit I enjoyed watching of the Mystery! films my parents semi-regularly watched on PBS when I was a kid.  (The mysteries are still boring even now that I'm an adult.) When the New York Times published an article this past week of Gorey's current influence on literature, film and fashion, I was stoked.

The article got me thinking.  Could I create Gorey inspired outfits without raiding consignment shops or internet boutiques?  Even more of a challenge, could I do it on the cheap?

So, tonight on a stormy evening Gorey would definitely approve of, I gorged myself on artwork and contents of Old Navy's website.  (There was also nothing on TV and I had just finished my book so, yeah, I was also more than a little bored.)

There are a few themes throughout Gorey's drawings when it comes to women's fashion: bold prints, loose and flowing fabrics, shallow or high necklines, long necklaces, fantastic headpieces, and dropped or high waistlines.  Headpieces were definitely not an option when it came to Old Navy but that's why Etsy was invented, right?

I kept all that in mind while I created two mini collections.

So, the answer. Could I create something Gorey inspired on the cheap?  Kind of.   A for effort though, right? (Cue the sad trombone sound effect.)

Have you ever tried working something scifi or fantasy based in to what you wear?  Share your ideas in the comments!
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  1. I think your next post should be a Pretty Woman-style video of you trying on a rapid succession of these outfits in Old Navy -- but with that trademark Edward Gorey ennui. :)

  2. HAH! The montage, of course, would have to be set to a funeral dirge and medium shots of you all shaking your head in an exaggerated fashion for comedic purposes.

  3. I think that your mini collections are great. Congratulations¡¡¡

  4. AHAHAHHA! Thank you! I was always a little embarrassed by this post so that's sweet of you to say :D