Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Cup Of Tee: Shirt 2 Pillow

by Meghan B

This weekend I undertook the monumental task of cleaning out my closet. It was full to bursting with clothes I barely wore, while my daily-wear clothing sat in a neat pile on the floor. A perfect system it was not.

Unfortunately, I found myself with a bunch of old t-shirts I couldn't bring myself to donate. They're beloved old shirts with nice memories attached but were unwearable for one reason or another. I thought about a friend of mine who had turned her old band shirts into a lovely quilt. I then thought about my nonexistent sewing skills and despaired.

Thankfully, as with all things in life, the internet had the answer...

Veritable geek institution, Think Geek, has the answer to all our t-shirt preserving needs.

It's called the Shirt 2 Pillow and it's a plush shell that you can fold your favorite shirts into and display as cuddly pillows, no sewing knowledge required!

As you can see with the graphic to the right, it's a simple way to change shirts into decor. The perfect solution to packrats, I mean, t-shirt connoisseurs like me!

With god as my witness, I will never have to sew again! Or ever, for that matter. Hooray for the inventive monkeys over at Think Geek!

Shirt 2 Pillow available from Think Geek for $14.99 (plus shipping).
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