Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Cup Of Tee: Maths

By Meghan B

I am a t-shirt fanatic. I love a good t-shirt. I like them quirky and covered with in jokes and witty sayings. I especially love them geeky.

Because of this love, I am going to try to bring you the geekiest shirts I see on the great interwebs every week in a new segment I call A Cup Of Tee.

This inaugural post is from my favorite t-shirt website, Threadless. They constantly blow my mind with their crowdsourced shirt designs and I own several dozen at this point. Geeky? You bet your ass they are.

This week's shirt is for the numerically inclined amongst us. Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, why not put on the Pythagorean theorem?

It's called "Maths" and features a repeating pattern of mathematical and scientific equations and formulas.

Threadless does patterned shirts very well and I am always complimented on them. This one is absolutely killer too. Even better, all the work on it appears to be correct!

I wonder if it would be considered cheating if you wore it to a math exam?

Maths retails for $20 (plus shipping) and is available from Threadless!
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