Monday, March 21, 2011

Comics, Cosplay Invade Chicago during C2E2 2011

 by Sara N.

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo ended on Sunday, leaving tens of thousands of geeks, nerds, fanboys and fangirls exhausted and happy. This year, its second, C2E2 expanded to include more attendees, more celebrities, and more television and movie panels. Hollywood guests included Eliza Dushku ("Dollhouse," "Buffy"), Chris Hemsworth ("Thor"), Mark Sheppard (every genre show ever), the reunited cast of "The Middleman" and cast members from "The Walking Dead" and "Chuck" (Morgan! Captain Awesome! Jeffster!). On the literary side, guests included comics greats Brian Michael Bendis, Warren Ellis, Jeph Loeb and Jose Quesada, and author China Mieville. Look for extensive coverage of C2E2 2012 next year. (I would've gone this year but, well, I had a Lady Gaga concert to go to in Utah).

Anyway, the best part of any con like this are the excited people in costumes. After the jump is a collection of some of the best (or at least most eye-catching) costumes that lady geeks donned for the event this year.

She'd like me to both live long AND prosper? Excellent.

R2D2, just because.

Poison Ivy and Black Canary. She was one of many, many Poison Ivys at C2E2 on Saturday.

See? Another Ivy, this time with Harley Quinn.

Ah, the old classic Slave Leia.

Fantastic old school Rogue and Storm from The X-Men.

Wonder Woman rocking her newly redesigned outfit.

Steampunk ahoy!

X-23. (Apparently. I needed some help on this one.)

The cutest storm trooper to ever storm any troops.

The cast of "Firefly" with, weirdly, two Inaras. Think it'll turn into a Highlander/"there can be only one" situation?
This is just a sample; you can check out scads more pics at the Stellar Four Flickr stream.

Many thanks to my brother, Chris the Magnanimous, and my husband, Jason the Just, for taking the photos and providing the captions on Flickr.
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