Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wanted: A Sci Fi Name For a Small Cat

by Sara N.

This girl kitten is joining my household after my husband saw her huddled in the rain on the shoulder of an interstate entrance ramp earlier this week. Now we're trying to find the perfect geek name for her, and it's harder than you might think.

Do we call her Asha, for the tough Greyjoy daughter in George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books?

Sabrina, like the witch?

Pris, everyone's favorite replicant from Blade Runner?

Katniss, the Hunger Games heroine?

Sydney, from Alias? Or maybe Bristow?

Or how about River? (If you need that name's origin explained to you, this might not be the blog for you.)

I need suggestions, people! What are your favorite female sci fi/fantasy names?
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  1. well, there's always Jonesy, but that might not be the most comfortable name to be calling when youre not sure what's right behind you ;)

  2. Ha!

    You know, Ripley is an option, too ...

  3. How about Morgana/Morgan Le Fay or whatever variant of the name you prefer.
    Black girl cat = witch's familiar

  4. I'm loving these ideas! The way she nipped at my neck area in the night last night, I'm starting to consider Claudia (of "Interview with the Vampire" fame.)

  5. Ridley.

    After Ridley Scott, who directed ... wait for it ...

    Black Rain.

  6. Well, that's preferable to Prince/Purple Rain!

  7. Of course. Now if you were to find a purple cat in the rain...

    Actually, it'd probably just be a gay Teletubby.

  8. I'm sensing a big "Alien" vibe in many of these suggestions!

  9. She looks like a Minerva to me. (As in McGonagall)

  10. Either Musty after Rhea of Coos' 6-legged cat or Lucy Fur after my own little black cat.

  11. I ran Lucy past my mom, and she told me she'd like a real grandchild with that name. I'm kind of liking Minerva! Or Starbuck ...

    Poor kitty is never doing to be named!

  12. I just like the idea of being able to say "MISS! Minerva McGonagall, what ARE you doing?" when she gets in trouble.