Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Year's Sweetest Toys from Toy Fair 2011

by Megan S.

These Vamplets are so cute, it hurts. The six debuted at this year's Toy Fair in New York City among 7,000 other products. Like most toys now, the makers of the six undead tots have created an accompanying interactive online world.  The site's visuals are reminiscent of Emily Strange but geared toward a younger audience.  Of course, I don't care if it IS aimed at little girls, I wanna play, too.

From the Vamplets's Facebook page

 The six baby vampires are available with or without a coffin (a slightly off putting idea but I can't imagine kids will feel the same way) and accessories like the disappearing blood-filled bottle. allows you to print out an "undead certificate" and customize coffins and tombstones.  It's like a twisted version of Cabbage Patch Kids.


Or, you know, a much cutesier version of a Garbage Pail Kid.
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