Tuesday, February 15, 2011

News Roundup

"Dr. Janet Davison Rowley, 85, is the matriarch of modern cancer genetics. Without her 1970s finding that broken and translocated chromosomes were a factor in blood cancers, we might not have the treatments for leukemia that are commonplace today."

"OK, so you may be looking at these and realize you’ve seen them before. That’s because they’re actually pretty old, originally hitting the ‘net a couple of years back. That said, sometimes you just don’t find something until well after others have seen it, and this is for those of you like myself who had yet to discover them!"

Valentine's Dating Tips from Lovestruck Scientists
"Painstaking scientific research has identified seven dating tips that could boost your chances on Valentine's Day ... including shouting in his right ear and scaring him witless." 

Felicia Day Breathes Fire into "Dragon Age" Series
Already well-known to video-game fans as the creator of Web comedy series The Guild about online game players, the actress has written and stars in a new Web series, Dragon Age: Redemption, based in the world of BioWare's role-playing Dragon Age game franchise.
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