Friday, February 25, 2011

Dana Scully: The Etsy Treasurery

by Sara N.
Behold, a list of Etsy items that Dana Scully, the intrepid FBI agent from The X-Files, would purchase for herself – or that someone would purchase for her. After all, you need lovely things around you when you're solving cases and dealing with an exasperating, albeit devastatingly attractive, partner.
Given the colonization-bent aliens and monsters-of-the-week she’s always running into, Scully would probably want to trade in her usual cross pendant for one that offers a bit of extra protection, as well as a tool to jimmy open locks. I know I’d feel better with that around my neck when facing down Donnie Pfaster. In addition, a smart FBI agent always travels with an extra suit for witness interviews and a fresh set of scrubs for autopsies. And how great would Scully look in that smart coat? Well, in the seasons that were filmed in Canada, anyway. 

Of course, you can’t get witnesses to open up until you flash your FBI badge, and the high-flying case provides a note of levity when she pulls it out of her pocket. Just because you're there on official business doesn't mean you can't inject a little whimsy into the proceedings. And surely the unfortunate end to her adopted dog, Queequeg, wouldn't keep Scully from opening her heart to another pooch someday. If she ever did, Scully would chose a playfully understated dog tag like this one. And what would she think of the baby shower gift of a handmade alien amigurumi toy from a well-meaning coworker? She would not be pleased. Mulder, however, would howl with laughter.  

Speaking of Mulder, the necklaces could be a two-part Christmas gift to get the good doctor to embrace both her head (reason) and her heart (faith) – both essential in solving an X-File.  The pillow could be an inside joke between her and Mulder. They trade competing theories on cases so often that the “I’m right, you’re wrong” banter must spill over into their personal lives. There’s nothing better than a passive-aggressive throw pillow to rest your weary head upon after a long day chasing down the adult clone of Mulder's long-lost kid sister. And the elegant vintage hat? Well, should Scully ever find herself back on a luxury passenger liner at the brink of World War II, she'll want to be sure she's well dressed.

What do you think? What other Etsy items are crying out to belong to our favorite red-headed agent?
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  1. Jose Chung's From Outer Space is my favorite episode EVAR.