Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute Booty for Me Hearties

by Megan S.

While people may look askance if ye walk around town with an eye patch and a parrot on yer shoulder, these Jolly Roger tees will have landlubbers wantin' ta know where ye got this treasure.*
 It glows in the dark! (From Etsy.)

I need this One-Eyed Willie shirt.  It's not a matter of want, I need it like I need oxygen. (From Torrid.)

This one's for our girl Meghan B. (From Etsy.)

A Captain Jack inspired tee! (From Torrid.)

Bonus! I saw this grog at Beverages and More the other day and reeeeally wanted to get it.  (I'm a sucker for packaging.) @37Kyle assures me it's delicious.
*Oh boy.  I'm slightly** embarrassed I wrote that sentence.
** Who am I kidding? I'm not embarrassed at all.  There should be monthly Talk Like a Pirate Days.
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