Thursday, February 17, 2011

Channel Your Inner Superheroine with MAC's Spring Collection

by Laurie K.

Pow!  MAC's Wonder Woman Collection
Has the long, brutal winter left you feeling more Clark Kent than Superman?  Fear not!  MAC's spring collection is here to help you channel your inner superheroine.

Seizing on the iconic DC character Wonder Woman for its 2011 spring collection, MAC has come out with a great line of cosmetics in some kick-ass colors.  This makeup is fabulous from the packaging to the colors to the wearability.  Super, indeed.

Purely for journalistic reasons and not because I totally wanted this makeup, I gathered up one of my girlfriends and we made an appointment for a makeover at the local MAC counter.  Since they are only showing the Wonder Woman line by appointment, this was a necessary step.  Note that when you make an appointment for a makeover like this, you're obligating yourself to a $50 purchase. MAC isn't terribly pricey, so 50 bucks is guaranteed to get you 3 or 4 products, possibly more depending on what you pick up.

My sidekick's masterful palette
My sassy sidekick who is a master of MAC makeup chose all her own colors.  What we have here is Valiant eye shadowVictorious Opulash mascaraEmancipation lip glossMighty Aphrodite blush, and Marquis D' lipstick.  (Along with some basic MAC foundation and a paint pot.)  Now, after looking at these links you will notice that she has chosen a green eye shadow palette and purple mascara.  To the untrained eye, this might seem like madness, but I am here to tell you it looked amazing.  The contrasting colors made her brown eyes pop.

Our hero's bare bones palette :-(
I, on the other hand, like to ask the makeup artist to choose my colors.  Alas, while my sidekick got a dedicated makeup artist who gave her the utmost attention for 30 minutes, I got one who walked away from me every few seconds to sell makeup to someone else.  So, I never got my palette laid out properly to take a picture.  Thus the perils of "an appointment" at a makeup counter.  Here's a pathetic picture of the three things I purchased.  Lady Justice eye shadowSecret Identity lipgloss,  and Rapidblack Penultimate eyeliner.  

A word about the Penultimate eyeliner.  And that word is:  Hell Yes!  Here's the thing:  That eyeliner is my One True Love.  We were meant to be together.  I'm not a huge makeup afficionado; I like to buy it more than I like to wear it, generally.  However, this item is probably my most beloved piece of makeup.  In one of the brief interludes where the makeup artist paid attention to me, she drew thick, unfortunate, ugly lines along my eyelids with this pen.  I, of course, prepared to have a cow. She instructed me to watch and learn.  Then she feathered a light layer of brown eyeshadow over the liner and the blend of blue shadows already there and... the result was a soft, dark, smoky eye that cut the blue-ness of the blue shadow.  Genius.

Sadly, the pictures of the great eye makeup did not come out well. I'll have to redo and and post.  I made her show me how to recreate her work and I've been doing a lighter version of it for work all this week.  It wears well all day and doesn't smudge or give me the dreaded Raccoon Look.  

All in all, I recommend this makeup very highly.  The colors are great, the price is right, and the packaging is awesome.  If you want it, get it soon because it's selling like hotcakes.  The MAC counter we went to was entirely out of some of the items already and it had only been out for 3 days.  Act now!
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  1. I, too, always get the makeup artist who gives me 15 seconds, then darts off. And you know, more than the makeup, I want to buy the display case it comes in!

  2. I just checked and it can be ordered online thru Nordstrom's: